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Jim and Mike Tylick:     The site contains many images of their professional work, as well as many railroad related items- prototype and model photographs, tips, and clinics. There is also a large collection of downloadable signs for model builders.

Signs, signs,signs:     A very large collection (easily over fifteen hundred) of FREE downloadable signs for use by model builders. Images come from all categories, locales, and eras and are categorized for quick reference. New images are added regularly.

Help for Beginners:  We all start out knowing very little about a hobby and I think back this is a fun time when everything seemed new and exciting.  As we learn about things, we soon take them for granted, but it is good if we can point newcomers to helpful information.  Cindy Powell and her son seem to think I have been of help, and she shared this website with tons of information for beginners.

History Lesson:    I've never been to Texas, so I have the usual New England stereotypes of cattle, oil, and cactus.  I am fortunate that Tom Lanny and his daughter discovered my website while working a school project and passed along this link which showed me some very surprising facts about Texas (and other) railroads.  It is very encouraging to see young people coming to my website; it shows we can all learn through hobbies.  Some of these young people may even find a life long interest.

Keep it Clean:  Kayla Russel (see Model Cars and More below) has a new set of students and they are as busy as ever finding useful websites.  This time around they have suggested a very handy reference with ideas for keeping all sorts of models clean and in working order- Lord knows I should be doing more of this. I hope they keep these sites coming!

Model Cars and more:   What's not to like about automobilesWe all have one and they are as American as apple pie. Here we have a great deal of information for any car modeler with tips useful to anyone interested in any type of model, also many links to cool and classic vehicles.  Even more interesting is that the page is part of a car insurance broker's web site.  Kayla Russel and her children's center pointed me t this page.  At RailDesign we may play mostly with trains, but cars (and all miniatures) are fun too.  If more children found hobbies, how many of society's problems would go away?

Maintain Your Railroad:  Unfortunately, we can not build our layouts and expect them to run indefinitely without a regular maintenance program.  Many great thoughts and tips for keeping our trains rolling here.  Thanks to Leanne Whitfield and her friend Allie for sending us this page.  It appears that we have been helpful in getting youngsters involved in model railroading.  And we are glad to be of service.

Model trains and more freight hobbies:   This page was suggested to us by
Alyssa Collins, a very personable woman who is helping a group of girl
scouts achieve their Railroading Merit Badge.
  Since model railroaders are
predominantly white males, it is great to see young women showing an
interest.  Many links to aspects of a favorite hobby we hadn't even
considered; things like histories, exhibits, and getting started.

Miniature Travel With Model Railroads

I am both surprised and delighted that RailDesign is becoming a resource for future generations of hobbyists. Nancy Boveja turns to the internet for projects to home school her two children, and found our site most useful in her search for model railroad resources.  She suggested the link above, and it is worth a visit.  An interesting essay on model hobbies, and many links to other sites.

Bar Mills Modelworks:     Art Fahie has an extensive line of “themed” wood kits.  Offerings range from modestly priced and simple kits to complex expert’s projects.  And now there is also a growing line of accessory and detail parts.

Railway Design Associates:     The late owner, Rod Guthrie was a friend and mentor and one of the more creative people we've met. His kits are unlike anything else available- Rod was able to get the feel of handwork into injection molded parts, much like Alan Armitage did years ago for Revell.

Hobbybuilder01:     Custom model railroads by Leon Wasiak, a former colleague from What Detail, Inc. and a very talented builder of model railroad scenery and superhero artifacts.

South River Modelworks:     We haven't built nearly as many South River Kits as we would like, but everything our friend Bob Van Gelder makes goes together into a beautiful model with very little hassle. Some of the best New England mill kits on the market.

Surrey Custom Models:     We're glad we discovered Surrey Custom Models. In addition to some nice craftsman kits, they have an extensive line of detail parts and graphics we wish we'd thought of first. They are also including some of the signs from our collection which only enhances our good opinion of their excellent taste.

Fine Scale Miniatures:     Longtme friend George Sellios, the owner of Fine Scale Miniatures, has one of the most visually compelling model railroads we've been lucky enough to see. He also makes some outstanding craftsman kits.     Kalmbach Publication's umbrella web site. If it's about trains of any size or shape, you can get there here.

Hub Division:     The Hub Division is among the most active of the Northeastern Region of the NMRA, and we're proud to be members of it. Downloading a copy of the Hub Headlight is definitely worth the effort.

P&W Model Railroad:     Although he's not the well known rock star, Donny Irace is a good friend who has built a most enjoyable model railroad. It's based on the nearby Providence and Worcester Railroad, a very successful nearby regional and features mainline action on the Northeast Corridor. Don devotes many of his waking hours to his trains, but nonetheless still manages to have fun with his hobby and has given us a railroad that is a joy to operate. 

Earl Smallshaw:     One of the most imaginative model builders of our time, Earl Smallshaw, had reposted his Middletown and Mystic Mines Railroad on the internet. Enough said.  I am sorry to say that Earl has left us, but I will keep this link intact as a memorial in the hope that his page will live on.  His legacy certainly will.

Maine Trains:     DCC is a specialty at this fine model railroad hobby shop. Owner Gerry Rooks is as nice as they come. Visit our display layout, featured in Railroad Model Craftsman, while you are in the shop.

Leon Honings:     Leon Honings, former editor of Modelspoorwagen- the NMRA Bulletin of the Netherlands, has put together a nifty web site about his Chimera Gorge and Western Railroad. Aside from the usual fine photos and history, Leon has included video for high speed access users, and has some nifty downloadable scale rulers and graffiti suitable for model work. His site has versions in both English and Dutch. Visit this very professionally done site to see how people from across the Atlantic build models of American railroading. Links to many European sites as well.


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