Whether you want an existing track plan revamped to be built with a different track system, different available space, or even in a different scale, we can customize  almost any plan to fit our unique requirements.  Or we can design an original plan from scratch.  As senior designer for What Detail, Inc and for my own use, I have designed and built many model railroads in almost every scale.  Over the years, I’ve published numerous layout plans in major publications.  Kalmbach Publications discourages posting copyrighted material on the Internet, so a bibliography of my published plans in Model Railroader (MR) and Classic Toy Trains (CTT) appears below.




Fitchburg & Southbridge RR     MR    Sept., 1984   P.77

The N scale F&S                    MR     Feb., 1988    P.97

F&S Junction                         MR    Sept., 1989   P.60   

Conrail’s Boston Line             MR     Oct., 1993    P.82

Pioneer Valley RR                  MR    Sept., 1994   Pp.62-63

Bay Path Traction                  MR     Apr., 1997    P.75

Housatonic RR                      MR     May,  2003   P.89

Big Time Fun                        CTT    Mar., 2012   Pp.47-50

Joint Branch Line                   MR    Dec., 2011   Pp.71-73

Variations on a 4X8               MR     Jan.,2013    Pp.61-65

A Rocky Mtn. Railroad            CTT   Feb., 2013   Pp. 44-45

Curves and Climbs                 CTT   Mar., 2012   Pp.56-57

Plan That Travels                  CTT   May, 2012   Pp.40-41

Look for more in the future.